5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Comfi As Your B2B BNPL

Dec 30, 2022 · by Amal Abdullaev
5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Comfi As Your B2B BNPL

Comfi is a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Service for SaaS startups and mature businesses with yearly subscriptions. There are a bunch of advantages of integrating a BNPL service into your sales process instead of offering only a Credit Card payment method or invoicing your clients.

Much like its B2C equivalent, B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a form of short-term lending offered to business buyers at the point of sale (POS).

Most B2C BNPL apps break your purchases down into four smaller payments due every two weeks.

Comfi and other B2B BNPLs help SaaS vendors to have the option of an instant “cash transaction”, allowing customers of SaaS companies to spread costs, while vendors can get paid instantly. That allows for improving cash flow both for vendors and their customers.

In this article, we compare the buy now, pay later services from Comfi and other payment methods like credit cards, invoicing, and other B2B BNPL service providers to help you determine which one offers the best financing for your company.

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BNPL vs. Credit Cards

Let’s take a look into some of the BNPL perks that credit cards don’t usually have:

  • BNPL doesn’t charge automatic interest.
  • Your clients don’t have to deal with extra fees.
  • The payment schedule is more flexible.
  • BNPL services don’t usually do a hard credit check which can affect a credit score.
  • BNPL doesn’t usually require a superior credit score.

All BNPL services approve users based on different criteria which range from checking available funds in a bank account, the credit history your clients have with 3rd party services such as Stripe, or funds available on a debit or credit card.

Comfi vs. Credit Cards and Invoice Finance at a Glance

B2B BNPL Service Providers’ Terms

B2B BNPL companies embed themselves in the vendor’s sale process and offer instant net terms to their customers.

Vendors get paid upfront (minus the fee, and a certain % of invoice per month) and are not responsible for collecting payment.

The BNPL company bears main credit risks, manages all credit decisions, and is responsible for collections, at the same time making the net terms process easier and faster for end customers.

Terms for different B2B BNPL companies may vary:

  • For instance, Comfi allows your customers to split their payments into 4 or 12 interest-free tranches over 4 or 12 months.
  • Vartana offers terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.
  • Tranch offers 3–12 months as customer payment terms.

Top 5 Benefits of Comfi Over Other Payment Methods

  1. Most B2B BNPL service providers have a high floor price requirement. Comfi allows you to offer a BNPL payment method even if your average bill is below $5k. If your clients are small startups struggling with purchasing your products we can support them as our rules are not that strict.
  2. Comfi allows you to integrate the BNPL payment method on your website, and also to generate payment links right from the Comfi dashboard. It’s extremely user-friendly and your sales, analytics, and financial teams will fall in love with it.
  3. Comfi integrated live chat to support your customers over the entire purchase process. They will get 24/7 support when getting onto our checkout which allows you to reduce customer churn rate by 50%.
  4. Comfi will soon allow you to sync every invoice with your CRM. You no longer need to manually load documentation. Yes, it makes life that easy!
  5. B2B SaaS sellers choose Comfi not only because it offers 2 comfortable payment options (dividing payments into 4 or 12 tranches), but also could help your B2B clients build credit with their on-time payments. Their purchases can be paid over time without additional fees or interest. A small merchant fee is a low price for SaaS businesses to obtain new customers, grow LTV and revenue, double annual subscription plan sales, and increase conversion rates.

Scaling Up with the Right Payment Method

Now that consumers are growing comfortable with BNPL services, the big credit card providers are taking steps to ensure they aren’t left behind. With so many benefits the vendors are getting by choosing to offer BNPL as a payment method at their checkouts or as links generated by the sales teams.

To determine which BNPL app is the best option for your clients, request a demo with Comfi. Comfi’s clients grow their customer LTV on average by 32% and double their annual plan sales.

Read more about what happens when SaaS companies sell with and without Comfi as a BNPL payment method.

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Amal Abdullaev

Amal Abdullaev

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