June Product Update

Product Update
Jul 19, 2023 · by Alisher Akbarov
June Product Update

We are excited to share this month’s Comfi updates!

We always listen to our clients’ needs and requests, and act accordingly. Here is a recent use case of our customers that turned into a new feature. 

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Most wanted feature

The most asked questions from our merchants were “How do I know how many new customers I’ve got? How many passed the approval process? How many converted?” And now the most wanted feature IS HERE! 

From now on, you have a Deal Funnel in your dashboard. It shows exactly how may customers registered, got qualified and converted.

Product Update: Deal Funnel, Screenshot of the dashboard

Submitted – number of customers registered for your product.

Qualified– number of customers, whose bank accounts were qualified by Comfi.

Converted – number of customers, who have already paid their first installment.

With Comfi’s new Deal Funnel feature you save your resources and sales reps’ time – persuade only qualified customers to convert without wasting time chasing after disqualified ones.

New Payment Option Update

If you have middle-size businesses and large enterprises as customers, we have great news for you. With this update, we added ACH payments! Now your USA customers can choose one of their bank accounts as a method of payment. 

Product Update: Deal Funnel, Screenshot of ACH payments

Test Mode

Now you have the ability to switch your merchant account in Comfi Dashboard to a sandbox mode. In this mode, you can go through the payment experience through customers’ eyes, without linking a real bank card. Just generate a payment link, and try different scenarios of user experience.

Product Update: Deal Funnel, Screenshot of User experience mode

Extended Statistics Update

On the homepage, now you have an overview of your numbers with Comfi for a chosen period, which you can also compare to previous time period.

And yeah, you will fall in love with the visualization that makes it even simpler to read, we promise.

Product Update: Deal Funnel, Screenshot of the extended statistics

Gross volume – the total value of deals that ran through Comfi checkout over the chosen period of time.

Net volume – the total amount settled to your account by Comfi for a chosen period after Comfi’s fees.

Total new customers – number of unique users that verified their email and phone numbers on Comfi checkout.

Check your Comfi Account to see the updates. 
Stay tuned for the new features and updates, and we’ll be talking to you soon!

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Amal Abdullaev

Co-founder at Comfi

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