How to Split Your SaaS Annual Subscriptions Payments?

Dec 30, 2022 · by Alisher Akbarov
How to Split Your SaaS Annual Subscriptions Payments?

Purchasing with Comfi — What? How? Why?

Comfi is a modern B2B BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) payment method designed to help businesses to split their SaaS subscription costs and purchase annual plans, but with monthly billing. With Comfi’s help, you can immediately enjoy SaaS features and also benefit from the discounts SaaS vendors provide for annual contracts.

What’s in it for me? Is it interest-free?

Let’s say the annual subscription to the SaaS service you need costs $5,000 and you can’t afford to pay the whole sum at once so you choose to pay monthly but eventually you will overpay just because you choose the monthly payment option. A.k.a. “Monthly premium”.

In that case, without Comfi you would pay $500 per month, and with Comfi it’s just $417 per month. Save 17% or more!

Moreover, for now, the end customers can split the payments interest free. It’s a pleasant bonus in case you’re concerned about preserving runway, cutting SaaS costs, and securing your business in a downturn.

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What’s the catch?

We impose a small fee on the SaaS vendor for every transaction made through Comfi.

What are Comfi’s payment terms?

Comfi company bears main credit risks, manages all credit decisions, and is responsible for collections, at the same time making the net terms process easier and faster for the end customers.

Terms for different B2B BNPL companies may vary. As for Comfi, it allows you to split your payments into 12 interest-free tranches over 12 months.

What if I fall behind with my payments?

Here’s what will happen in case of late payment. Comfi will try to charge the provided payment method 3 times within a week, each time sending you an email notification about an unsuccessful payment. If the payment isn’t made after 3 trials, we will deactivate your subscription.

If any of the customer’s payment methods cannot be charged more than 3 times for the second and the following installments within a week, the fine of 25 USD will be applied as a late fee to the customer’s next payment, and service will be immediately terminated.

Unlike some of the other BNPL apps, Comfi will not exchange information with the credit agencies meaning that your credit score will not be affected.

Do I need to register and authorize each time I want to purchase with Comfi?

You only need to register and submit your information once. To do this you need to link your bank or Stripe account. We support businesses from all over the world if they are Stripe users or have bank accounts in North and South America, and Middle East.

There is no need to authorize the second time and register again if you have already purchased from another vendor with Comfi. The next time you decide to buy with Comfi, you will just have to click the “pay” button. We store your sensitive data carefully, and it is perfectly safe. Comfi has partnered with Dapi — Open Banking provider — who use fully PSD2 compliant encrypted APIs, alongside user consent management.

How can I find my subscriptions?

Comfi is developing a feature for you that makes it easy to monitor your subscriptions. We are working on a convenient dashboard with all your subscription list where you will be able to see your payment methods and data sources there.

Besides, you will be able to cancel your subscriptions when you don’t need them anymore at the touch of a button.

Why should I choose Comfi?

Compared to other players on the market, Comfi is a better choice, especially if you are not a big startup and looking to purchase budget-friendly SaaS subscriptions.

You can also buy through Tranch and Vartana in the market today, but there you pay interest, depending on how long the installment period is.

For example:

  • 3 months — 2,5%
  • 6 months — 5%
  • 9 months — 7,5%
  • 12 months — 10%

Reminder! You do not pay any interest when you buy with Comfi.

In addition, the process for making payments with Comfi is seamless — you don’t need to manually upload each invoice to make a payment. Just get a link, follow it, and pay with one click!

What if the vendor does not offer a Comfi payment method?

If you want your favorite SaaS merchant and other vendors to let you pay with Comfi — tell them about us.

Copy the email below and send it to your vendor.

Hi Name,

I’m your customer at {XYZ}. Really enjoy your product.
I’d love to go for annual with you, but would prefer to pay monthly as we are a bit cautious with our burn rate these days.

Recently, I came across Comfi, which helps B2B SaaS vendors convert MRR to ARR with their payment flexibility solution, aka BNPL for SaaS. They pay you the annual value up front, while we can spread the cost over 12 months.


Your Name”

Any other questions left?

Let’s talk your revenue together
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Amal Abdullaev

Co-founder at Comfi

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