$10,000+ in Additional Revenue Per Month for Software Company

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Apr 3, 2023 · by Amal Abdullaev
$10,000+ in Additional Revenue Per Month for Software Company

About Dukkantek

Dukkantek is a digital store management platform that aims to digitally transform traditional merchants. The solution offers advanced in-store boxes fitted with a seamless Point-of-Sales (POS) system that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

The cloud-hosted software allows business owners to accurately keep track of transactions, monitor sales, calculate VAT, generate reports, and calculate profit margins. Additionally, its unique Cloud inventory Management (IM) helps track stock, manage stock value, organize inventory, manage fast-moving products, and generate reports for analysis.


Dukkantek partnered with Comfi to diversify payment options, making their management software more appealing by introducing interest-free installments over 4 or 12 months.


For the first 2 months of the partnership over $20,000 was collected through the Comfi platform. Dukkantek was able to retain customers for longer term of 3-year contracts with the help for flexible payments introduced by Comfi.

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Amal Abdullaev

Co-founder at Comfi

Amal Abdullaev

Amal Abdullaev

Co-founder, Head of Sales

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